Introducing “The Female Engineer’s Guides To…”

After a really enjoyable and positive first couple of months as a blogger, I am branching out to expand on an area which I hope will prove super useful for my readers. I am starting a series of “How To” guides on a range of topics, which I hope will provide help and guidance to my readers. Some of these will be technical and instructional to work through, but some will purely be me sharing my advice around a certain topic such as how to get into roller derby…

Introducing the female engineer's guides to a wide variety of topics
Introducing the new series of blog posts, “The Female Engineer’s Guide To…”

I absolutely love travelling and exploring new places, but didn’t want to start a travel blog as there are so many out there. However, I am going to start incorporating travel into my blog as it is a huge passion of mine and I love sharing my advice and recommendations on destinations around the world. I’ve been fortunate enough to get to travel a lot over the last few years, which is a huge benefit of working as an engineer…in most roles you will find you have decent pay and holiday allowance, which will enable you to adventure to the places you’ve always wanted to visit. So I am going to put together some guides to various cities and countries I’ve visited, adding in a few alternative must visit places such as the Nightmare Horror Bar in Prague and the Steamworks Brewery in Vancouver. I’m going to talk about some interesting engineering facts about these places and some nerdy sights to take in when you’re visiting!

Mountain biking this summer up in the Brecon Beacons

I love my outdoors and general fitness, so I will be incorporating subjects such as trail running, hiking and mountain biking. I’m going to talk through beginners guides to these activities including must have equipment plus any useful tips I’ve gathered along the way. I find it difficult to find decent women’s kit sometimes, especially as I’m not a huge fan of pink or white! I’ll be sharing some brands I’ve discovered that cater to a more subtle “female” range but with all of the technical fit and details that you need.

Finally, there will be real wild card topics such as finding decent alterative women’s office wear – I’m not a pencil skirt and blouse kind of person and I’ve found it difficult finding things I like to wear to work. I’m also currently planning a Canadian elopement and wedding party with my fiancé, which is proving interesting if you don’t just want run of the mill “wedding stuff”. I’ll be talking through some ace people, places and companies we’ve come across so far in our planning journey hoping to give some other alternative couples a bit of a helping hand in the minefield that is wedding planning!

Over the next few months I am planning on writing guides on:

  • How to get your vehicle through an MOT
  • Roller Derby
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Alternative wedding venues in Shropshire
  • Winter trail running
  • Camping in the Canadian Rockies in Fall

This is going to be a wide-ranging variety of topics so I hope you’re in for the ride! I would love to hear if there are any specific things you would like me to write about, so please reach out in the comments or via email if there’s anything that comes to mind.


The Female Engineer

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