September Round Up 🍁

September has seen the launch of my blog, which I have been really overwhelmed by the responses from everyone…so if you’ve reached out, shared my blog or even become a subscriber – THANK YOU!

I had good old imposter syndrome working away at me which almost made me give up on launching as I didn’t think anyone would be interested in what I have to say. But I’ve been proven wrong, so I’m going to keep writing and hopefully keep improving as I go!

This last month I’ve introduced myself and my motivation behind starting this blog, and introduced my main subjects of the daily life as a female engineer, mental health in engineering and becoming a professional engineer. I’ve also touched on hydrogen powered vehicles and changing brakes on my 17 year old van! What was your favourite article from last month?

As we head into another new month of this crazy year we’re all living, is there anything you would like to achieve in the next 31 days? For me, I am going to be celebrating my birthday and Halloween, both of which are over weekends so we’re going to get creative and enjoy these at home 🎃 I’ve also got all of the supplies ready to build a hedgehog house for our garden resident, so that’s a priority to get built ready for him to hibernate in.

Is there anything in particular you would be interested in reading about? I’m always keen to hear what my readers would like me to write about, so please feel free to comment with any requests you have for this upcoming month!

As ever, I’d love to hear from you so feel free to drop me an email at


The Female Engineer

One thought

  1. I loved the hydrogen blog. Admit to alot of it going over my head but I enjoyed your reasoned debate between hydrogen and electric.
    Your blogs have been varied and interesting with a natural curiosity that keeps my attention.
    How about a dip sample into the pitfalls and lack of extensive public transport?

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